When Should I Use TGX?

by Mark Hirst

When Should I Use TGX?

TGX provides extreme high resolution 3D remote desktops to power users across a range of industries by optimizing NVIDIA GPU’s to deliver high quality and high efficiency remote video and audio. If you would like to provide the best end-user experience, have deployed, or are considering a virtualized environment, then TGX could be for you.

Mechdyne and NVIDIA have shared a drive to eclipse the limits of the technology and develop solutions for professional visualization for a number of years. Our close relationship and in-depth knowledge of NVIDIA graphics cards and drivers led to the development of a remote graphics solution that delivers unsurpassed performance for the majority of workflows.

With so many options available, finding the right solution can be difficult.  To help you accomplish this, we have put together a quick guide to questions you want to ask and if TGX might be a solution depending on your answers.

Do You Need High Resolution?

Many solutions out there say they deliver 4K. We recommend that you read the fine print and take a close look at the performance of the solutions you consider. There is a difference between doing something and doing it well.

TGX supports 4K resolutions and higher. With a good network and the optimal configuration of NVIDIA GPU’s for encoding and NVIDIA or Intel graphics for decoding, we can provide 60 FPS for high quality video using an average of 20Mb/s of bandwidth. New NVIDIA GPU advancements promise even better performance.

Do You Need to Collaborate?

Some of the established hardware/software solutions in the virtualization space provide a 1:1 connection only. This is great for a simple VDI remote desktop solution but does not enable collaboration between multiple users.

TGX provides the ability for multiple independent users to connect to a single sender. This means that you can have multiple users sharing keyboard and mouse control located in different locations across a building or the world. This is perfect for supporting workplace mobility, disparate teams, review sessions, outsourcing and many more workflows.

Do You Require High Performance Over Long Distance?

The current business environment can have teams spread across the globe, which can require sending data over long distances. Understanding the capability of solutions you are considering to handle data over long distances is important.

TGX is optimized on both the sender and receiver end. Our compression is based on H.264 and we utilize NVIDIA GPU’s to accelerate performance. TGX is software that we optimize based on your available hardware for encoding and decoding to ensure the best end user experience.

Do You Have NVIDIA GPUs in the Datacenter or on Your Workstations?

If you or your client currently benefits from or are considering the use of NVIDIA GPU’s to drive your graphics intensive applications, you are in luck.

TGX is designed around NVIDIA GPU accelerations to achieve our performance. By using NVENC we significantly reduce the performance impact on the host machine’s GPU and CPU. If you are using NVIDIA GRID, Quadro, or GTX cards, TGX will outperform any remote desktop on the market.

If you have AMD cards on the sender, I am afraid we don’t support you yet.

Do You Require Full Lossless Compression?

Products using a “build to lossless” process may not deliver the quality of image you desire. The image will come in lossy/pixelated at first, often when the pixels are changing on the screen. Once the image has stopped moving, it will “settle down” to a lossless image. Under constrained network condition, often these images come through with significant color and image quality degradation.

Taking all of this into account, let me ask that question again. Do you really require full lossless compression? In order to deliver high quality, high resolution remote graphics, TGX compression algorithms use compression and chroma subsampling. This approach delivers high quality graphics all of the time.  This is accomplished by using chroma subsampling, reducing bandwidth consumption, and maintaining a high framerate.

Our goal is to deliver an end-user experience that feels as if the user had a workstation under their desk. Using 4:2:0 color subsampling, the majority of users will not be able to detect a difference. In fact, due to inefficiencies elsewhere, competing products deliver significant color and image quality degradation despite promising a lossless image.

The only way to see the difference in end user experience is to try TGX and see how it stacks up against the competition. As soon as the hardware decoding capabilities for full lossless compression are available, we guarantee TGX will be the first to deliver the efficiencies that are required to meet the needs of the select few where exact color representation is critical.

Does Your Output Require Multiple Monitors?

The more displays you have, the higher the resolution and the harder the remote graphics challenge. TGX can support as many monitors as you have available (as long as your computer can drive the displays).

We proclaim TGX to be the most efficient desktop solution on the market and therefore best placed to handle your high resolution multi monitor needs.

Are You Using VMWare or Citrix Hypervisors?

Good news. TGX can easily sit on top of a VSphere or Xen Server and provide the performance that you may have been waiting for, especially for your more demanding use cases.

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