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Imagine accessing your exploration data that’s hosted on a remote server far away from the rig. Seems impossible, right? With the Remote Visualization Solution from industry leaders Mechdyne, Red Hat, Lenovo, NVIDIA, and PCPC Direct, this workflow is possible.

How It Works

Our remote visualization platform is application and operating system-agnostic, so global energy companies can access their high-end petrotechnical data and applications from anywhere, anytime. Geoscientists use this solution to collaborate with their local or remote teams and connect to local resources, cloud, and containers.

This workstation features:

  • Mechdyne’s TGX remote desktop solution for high-resolution, low-bandwidth remote visualization
  • Lenovo servers, high-resolution displays, P320 Tiny, and tablet for seamless collaboration whether in the office or out in the field
  • Red Hat Virtualization, with RHV, CloudForms, Ansible, RHEL, Gluster storage for affordable virtualization capabilities
  • NVIDIA P4 GPUs with NVIDIA GRID for leading-edge graphics
  • PCPC’s integrated data center solution for secure connection
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NVIDIA is a partner of TGX remote desktop software
PCPC Direct is a reseller of TGX remote desktop software

Streamline discovery and accelerate time-to-value with this solution

Key Benefits

  • Increases exploration productivity

  • Accelerates time to value

  • Requires only single point of management and maintenance

  • Reduces complexity of sources involved

  • Ensures secure data connection and storage

  • Delivers scalable and flexible capabilities for business growth

  • Enables collaboration

  • Displays accurate, high-resolution color

  • Consumes 30-50% less bandwidth when accessing critical data

  • Shows real-time desktop control response

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