teleGraphix (TGX)™: Seeing is Believing

by Brian Cox

ARTICLE TITLE GOES HERE“Hey. You guys are way better than those guys.” An oil and gas technology executive I met earlier in the week points down the exhibit hall towards our competition. We are at the Society of Exploration Geologist (SEG) conference that took place the last week of October 2014, and I am demonstrating our brand new, advanced remote desktop, teleGraphix (TGX)™. This is something I already knew. But he had to see TGX in action to believe it.

On the surface, the world of remote desktops is not very exciting. As an administrative tool or a means for workers to share screens, common remote desktop applications were designed to support everyday applications for the masses. For most people, this is satisfactory. But for Mechdyne’s customers whose computing needs are far from the ordinary, this is a problem.

This is where remote desktops get exciting. TGX, specifically what the technology executive pointed out, fixes that problem. When it comes to graphics intensive applications, a dynamic remote workforce, and the capabilities of IT networks, standard remote desktops do not cut it. The gap between user needs and available solutions will continue to widen as professionals want access to exponentially more pixels and to adopt 4K as the standard resolution.

Our competitors have maxed their remote desktops trying to meet these demands with HD, and they are struggling to go beyond, severely limiting user functionality. As the landscape changes, HD is no longer good enough for the kind of graphics intensive applications our customers use. They are losing productivity, and replacing it with increasing frustration.

Like I told the scientists I met at SEG, you don’t have to settle. HD is just the starting point for Mechdyne. We demonstrated TGX capabilities using a 4K display, and scientists were amazed to see Mechdyne’s solution easily handled four times as many pixels as the competitors without sacrificing image quality and speed. Imagine what this means for architects, designers, archaeologists, and seismologists – ultra high definition visual applications are no longer a challenge for remote sharing.

No one has more experience with 4K than Mechdyne. We understand what it takes to do 4K right. Sometimes, seeing really is believing, and TGX has the power to drive that home. If you want the opportunity to see TGX in action, attend our Visualization Technology Excellence: Best Practices Beyond Product Design Conference in Michigan on November 19 and 20, 2014.  Click here to learn more about the event.

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