Align Mobile, Remote, and Local User Experiences with TGX

ARTICLE TITLE GOES HEREFor ten years, the problem with cloud, converged infrastructure, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), or any centralized compute environment has been the remote desktop – it has not met the needs of high-end graphics users. The solution is providing the user with an experience that does not detract from workflow and productivity. TGX, Mechdyne’s new remote desktop application, fills that missing gap.

“Whether you’re in the office, at home, or even working from a coffee shop, users need remote access to their data and applications to work and collaborate efficiently,” says Mechdyne sales and marketing strategist Mark Hirst. “TGX enables these users to visualize their data in extreme detail.”

According to market research interviews with manufacturing, energy, and higher education organizations, 20 percent of all remote desktop users fall into the “power-user” category—working with large data sets and graphics intensive applications. To ensure no loss in productivity, these users need a like-local experience regardless of location. As the highest performing and most efficient remote desktop, TGX delivers high resolution at less than half the bandwidth of other remote desktops without sacrificing image quality or impacting performance.

A major oil and gas enterprise and Mechdyne client understands the challenges of real-time, remote collaboration workflows. By utilizing TGX, the client is experiencing a massive change in VDI and remote graphics workflows. “TGX is the best real-time data sharing tool I have ever used, especially during site-to-site collaboration in our high resolution visualization environments,” says the global visualization manager. “We are now pumping over 16 million pixels around the world in real time, without any delay and maintaining complete color accuracy.”

TGX has been helping the client analyze critical business data, access content, execute integral applications, and collaborate with teammates on-site and remotely.

“Using TGX between geographically split teams has become a weekly—if not daily—way of working,” explains our client. “I believe we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of how TGX can enable access to our VDI resources and real-time collaborations.”

By putting the user first, IT decisions create the momentum for progress. To ensure an organization’s success, IT must provide users a fast network, responsive KVM, high resolution displays, excellent color fidelity, and workspaces with multiple displays. Additionally, IT prepares for a shift in user workspaces as the demand for 4K in the consumer market increases. Organizations select TGX because it is the only remote desktop designed around the most demanding user expectations and delivers:

  • Exceptional color accuracy for any dataset size, facilitating accurate data interpretation and decision making
  • Extreme resolutions in the remote display, exceeding two times 4K
  • Real-time desktop control, with fast and consistent response without lag or jumpiness
  • A like-local experience due to fast load times, ease of collaboration, and enabled user mobility
  • Secure data through pixel streaming, not information streaming
  • IT efficiencies through lower bandwidth consumption, higher frames per second, and low latency performance

Mechdyne clients have already begun to see TGX’s impact on workflows and cost savings. “The comment I hear from our clientele time and time again is: TGX is amazing,” says Hirst.

TGX is available on both Windows and Linux. For additional information about how TGX can empower users, contact us here. For more information on TGX, click here.

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